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Policy Guidelines


    Welcome to The Brentwood Student Housing policy guidelines page.  The following information provides the policies and procedures for our apartment community and defines the tenants’ responsibility as a member of the community.  Unawareness of the guidelines will not be accepted as an excuse for any violation.

    All federal, state, and local laws affecting the Town of Canandaigua are in effect at The Brentwood.  Violations of these laws are also violations of The Brentwood polices and will result in outside law enforcement, eviction, or both.  Failure to comply with any authorized personnel will result in immediate eviction. 

    Tenant / Guarantor Liability:
    All tenants will need a Guarantor to co-sign the lease.  Guarantors will be held liable for all actions of the tenant including financial obligations.


    Any tenant with an outstanding balance prior to the term will not be permitted to reside on the premises.  Any tenant leaving FLCC for financial, academic, and/or disciplinary circumstances is still responsible for any and all rents under the terms of the lease.

Residency Requirement

    The lease is binding for the entire term stated.

Security Deposit

    Tenants are required to pay a $650.00 security deposit to secure a space at The Brentwood.

Room Assignments

    In making apartment assignments, The Brentwood will not honor any requests for assignments or room changes which discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, ancestry, disability, or sexual orientation.  Whenever possible tenants will be assigned to their preferred location and/or roommate.

    The Brentwood does provide cohabitation in apartments, after given permission by guarantors in person to the landlord.

Cancellation Before Move-In or Early Termination of Lease

    Tenants who cancel their lease by August 15th are eligible for a full refund of their deposit.  The $650.00 security deposit is not refundable after August 15th.  Any cancellation after July 15th will result in the tenants and/or guarantors responsibility to obtain a tenant that meets landlords’ approval.

    Tenants who sign a year lease and leave after only one semester are not eligible for refund of their security deposit. This is to cover repair and marketing costs to re-rent the apartment.

Alcohol / Drug Regulations

    Tenants or guests, invitees, and visitors of tenants prohibit the consumption, possession, or evidence of alcoholic beverages regardless of age or circumstances.

    Violation of the New York State Drug law is prohibited.  This includes use, sale or possession of any drug, plant, narcotic, or controlled substance. 

    Behavior which is dangerous to oneself or others and/or disturbs the learning and/or living environment at The Brentwood is strictly prohibited.

    Tenants found in violation of the Alcohol / Drug Policy will face immediate eviction and be subject to disciplinary action under the FLCC Student Code of Conduct.

    Additionally, any tenant eviction will result in the rent payment for the entire term of the lease.

Quiet Hours

    All music, loud noise, etc. shall end at 11:00pm through 8:00am - all residents are to be reasonably quite at all times.  If a violation of quiet hours is found, tenants should notify or the Property Manager, PMI Lake Country.

Fire Safety

    The burning of candles, incense, potpourri, or other open flame devices
    ---Torchier style lamps
    ---Halogen, incandescent, and florescent bulbs
    ---Setting materials on fire, possession or use of flammable or highly combustible material.
    ---Storage in apartments of any flammable or combustible materials


    All apartments have a kitchen equipped with a stove, sink and refrigerator.  Everything is in good working order.  If an appliance is not performing to your satisfaction fill out a maintenance request form and the issue will be dealt with as soon as possible.

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